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Scribbly is an application that runs on Adobe Air which allows you to quickly take notes and then email them to yourself with one click.  Its feature set still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a useful little tool and worth a look. After you install it you just need to click […]

If you’re a social networking addict and love to spy on see what sites your friends are hanging out on and what sites they’re bookmarking, then SocialU is an Adobe Air Application that you’ll probably dig.  I didn’t know what else to think when I first installed SocialU other than, “omg, it’s seriously a browser […]

ReadAir is an application built on Adobe Air that brings your Google Reader to your desktop. First of all, it doesn’t resemble Google Reader in any way, aesthetically speaking. It has a lot of the same features that Google Reader has, but in a much sleeker interface. You can log in right away with your […]