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I was visiting this morning and saw mention of a bookmarking service called Speedtile. This handy little tool makes browsing through your bookmarks very easy on the eyes.  I admit it, I’m a lazy bookmarker.  My bookmark folder is a mess and half the time I don’t give my bookmarks intuitive names so they […]

Delicious recently relaunched with not only a much needed visual overhaul, but also adding some features that have been missing for far too long. First of all, I have to be truthful – I was never a big delicious user to begin with.  I couldn’t get past the way it looked and not really being […]

The Awesome Highlighter is a great tool for anyone who wants to point out specific text on a website that they’ve shared with a friend or co-worker. There’s nothing to install and you don’t even need to register in order to use it. You simply enter in the URL for the site you want to […]

Deskload is a tool that allows you to organize and save your bookmarks in a way that resembles your desktop.  These bookmarks are represented by icons and can be arranged in any order you like.  You can create multiple Deskloads, customize the background of each one, and you can access your Deskloads from any computer.  […]

Iminta is a service that wants to help you and your friends share what you’re into (hence the name) across the different social networks you belong to.  The difference between Iminta and other social networking sites is that your friends don’t have to belong to twitter to see your tweets and they don’t have to […]

Speed Dial is a Firefox Extension that allows you to quickly access all of your favorite websites with a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse.  After you install Speed Dial you just need to enter in the URL for the sites you want to access.  These sites are all numbered so you can use […]

Instapaper is a bookmarking site that does absolutely nothing else.  Seriously.  That’s why it’s so awesome.  From sign up to posting to your Instapaper account, it’s completely effortless.  Now, I really want to talk about the sign up process.  I have to sign up for numerous services every day in order to see if I’d […]