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If you find yourself constantly bookmarking articles you find online to come back to later, then “I Need To Read This” is a handy application that you’ll probably love.  It allows you to easily find articles that you want to read later, without cluttering your bookmarks folder. There’s not much of a learning curve here […]

Readbag is a link bookmarking site that runs on Google Apps. It has quite an attractive interface and since it runs on Google Apps, you can log in using your Google account. It’s very simplistic in that it’s really just a place to store links to read later. It’s not really supposed to do the […]

Morning Coffee is a Firefox Extension that lets you organize all of the sites you visit, by the day you want to visit them. For example, if one of your favorite blogs is only updated on Tuesdays, then you would add that to your Tuesday Morning Coffee, and so on. If you want to wake […]

The Read it Later Firefox Extension allows you to quickly save web pages or links to read later without having to add them to your regular bookmarks.  After you install it and add a couple of buttons to your bookmarks toolbar, all you need to do is right mouse click and choose “read this page/link […]