Posts Tagged ‘business cards’ gives you a really easy way to create an online business card containing links to all of your online profiles. doesn’t stop there though – you can also add contact information, an ‘about me’ section, and RSS feeds. When you sign up, you’ll select a custom URL.  Mine is  You can then […]

I was at the park with my kids recently, and my daughter was immediately drawn to a cute, pig-tailed little girl. The girl’s mother walked over to me and handed me her daughter’s business card.  I guess this business of making playdates is a serious thing.  I didn’t have anything but an old receipt to […]

Retaggr allows you to create a virtual business card, that you can put almost anywhere on the web, and share all of your web activity, in one organized location. Your profile card contains any information you wish to share because it’s all customizable. You can add your social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, your […]