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If you use public transportation on a daily basis or if you’re traveling somewhere in the future where public transit will be how you get around, you should definitely check out HopStop. Before you get all excited and start planning your trips, let me point out that it’s only available in New York, New Jersey, […]

Minimap is a neat little Firefox add-on that opens up a map in your sidebar where you can store addresses, view traffic, and get directions using Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live Local.  You can right click on any address on a web page and choose to immediately map that location in your Minimap or drag […]

Friends and family who know me are well aware of my “little problem” when it comes to driving directions. Basically, my sense of direction is so bad that I get lost any time I turn off of my street. This fact was proven once again a couple of weeks ago when I was driving home […]