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My Weekly Browsing Schedule is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to create a schedule of when certain Websites should open in your browser. After you install it you just need to go to “tools” then select “My Weekly Browsing Schedule”.  A window will pop open so you can add the URLs to all of […]

Kikin is an add-on that puts relevant search results for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and iTunes above your regular search results from sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  It works with Firefox, IE, and Safari.   After you install it just perform your searches like you normally would.  Kikin will appear on the results […]

Better Twitter is a user script that runs using the Firefox Extension Greasemonkey.  It adds a retweet button to updates, enables auto-load to your Twitter stream, and shows in-line conversations of “in reply to” tweets. You need to have Greasemonkey installed in order to install Better Twitter, but then you’ll be able to reply to […]

Have you ever been reading an article and found that there were multiple links you were interested in following?  I know, it can be time consuming to open each one individually — well, maybe not so much, but anything that can speed up this process is something I am interested in.  Which is why after […]

GButts is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to create a single menu loaded with all of your favorite Google services. After you install it you can choose to have an icon for each service displayed or a drop down from the Google logo (which is what I chose).  You can select as many, or […]

The other day a friend of mine suddenly freaked out when he saw a long list of bookmarks drop down every time he started typing a URL into the address bar in Firefox.  I couldn’t understand the confusion because I thought everyone knew about “The Awesome Bar” in Firefox 3 and how to disable it.  […]

Ubiquity is a new experiment from Mozilla Labs that allows you to take bits and pieces of the Web and make them work together just by typing in basic text.  It’s an Extension for Firefox that allows you, as the user, to decide what Ubiquity should do.  This happens by giving Ubiquity commands.  On the […]

With the newest version of Firefox up and running, and only crashing about 4 times a week, I thought I would show you some Add-ons that are compatible with my record breaking browser of choice. WikiLook is an Add-on that allows you to look up the definition of any word on a web page, without […]

I have to say, whoever came up with the idea to hold a contest for the best screencasts for Firefox support, deserves a big, fat, raise.  It’s really an interesting idea and it gets people who love Firefox a chance to have their work out there to help other Firefox users.  Why do I think […]

Stylish is a Firefox Extension that allows you to easily edit the way a website looks.  After you install it you can browse through styles that have already been created for popular sites like Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia.  Once you find a style that you like you just need to load it into Stylish and […]