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Fences is a free software by Stardock that helps you quickly group your desktop icons onto different blocks (or Fences) on your desktop.  You can choose to create Fences from scratch and add all of your icons manually or you can have Fences do all of the work and organize them for you.   Besides […]

For me, music and emotions go hand in hand, and that’s why I think Muzicons is brilliant. With Muzicons, you can select a cute icon that best describes how you’re feeling. There are the common happy and sad faces and cute little mouse heads too. Then just upload an MP3 from your computer, select a […]

Friday has arrived, and not a moment too soon. I don’t want to bore you with complicated applications that will help you work better – I want to show you some tools that require very little brain function that you can use over the weekend. In this quickcast, I’ll show you 4 applications that do […]