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Remember the days of sending out real paper invitations to your friends and then waiting patiently by the phone for them to call with their response?  OK, so some of you are probably too young to remember those days, which is unfortunate since it’s a much more personal way to introduce your event to your […]

I am not a fan of Evite.  The problem is, almost everyone I know continues to use it even though there are so many other services out there that deserve a chance.  Here’s one.  Here’s another.  Oh, and yes, another.  Today I’m going to show you another great service that deserves some attention – Paperless […]

Anyvite is a simple event invitation service that allows you to plan an event, invite your friends, and share photos and video, all without anyone but you needing to create an account.  The idea of your friends not needing to sign up for a service just to reply to an event that you’ve created, is […]

Pingg is a new digital invitation service that allows you to create stylish and professional looking invitations and manage your event with ease. First of all, pingg invitations are grown up looking. Even the kids invitations look professional. There are no banner ads and no clip art or cheesy designs. You can use what they […]