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MemorizeNow is yet another application that I wish existed when I was still in school.  It helps you remember short and long  phrases of text by training your brain how to read the phrases with different words removed in each sequence.  This can be used for something as simple as word definitions to long speeches […]

Screenjelly is a handy tool that allows you to record your screen and then instantly tweet, email, or simply upload your creation. It gives you a great way to quickly show your Mom how to add her profile pic to her Facebook page, or to simply show off new features of your Web application.  Screencasts […]

If you’ve ever spent any time reading tab (tablature) online, then you must know how completely annoying most of the available tab sites can be.  Huge ads, pop-ups, user comments all over the place – it’s just a mess.  I can speak from experience because I used to spend hours online reading tab and playing […]