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MobileRSS syncs with your Google Reader so you can keep up with all of your favorite blogs and websites at all times.  There’s a free version and a pro for $2.99 (iTunes links) which I’ll show you in the screencast. After you install it and sign in with your Google account it will automatically sync […]

A couple of months ago, some friends and I were looking to have a nice dinner, some drinks, and good conversation, but we couldn’t find anything open.  The problem was that it was the middle of the week and it was after 10pm, and a lot of places in San Francisco aren’t open all that […]

While talking to my Mom the other day, the subject of text messaging came up. She said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would send a text message over making an actual call. I tried to explain to her that sometimes you just don’t want to talk to the person – you just want to […]

So, as of a couple of days ago, my phone is not receiving text messages.  I know, I know, call my service provider and sort it out.  Well, it’s really not all that important to me at the moment and I really don’t feel like talking to those guys right now.  I did, however, do […]

Friends and family who know me are well aware of my “little problem” when it comes to driving directions. Basically, my sense of direction is so bad that I get lost any time I turn off of my street. This fact was proven once again a couple of weeks ago when I was driving home […]