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NewsCred is a service that allows you to create customized online newspapers, loaded with only the content that interests you. To get started you just need to give your paper a name and choose a URL.  Then you can search for and select topics that you want included.  That’s it.  You’ll be taken to your […]

Google Labs recently launched Fast Flip.  It aggregates news stories from many popular sources and presents them in a format that is very east to navigate. Readers can sort stories by different categories, sources, topics or search terms.  Navigating through the articles is as simple as clicking arrows on the page or using a keyboard.  […] is a type of news feed dashboard that allows you to select specific topics that interest you, and create a page filled with articles and images about those topics. You don’t need to sign up for anything in order to get started.  Just select a bunch of topics that you want to read about […]

Recently, I’ve started listening to NPR on my laptop when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning.  I’ve always needed some sort of background noise in order to sleep and having the TV on is just too distracting.  NPR is great, but I think Stitcher is going to […]

EveryBlock works like a news feed for your neighborhood.  It gives you daily local information like business reviews, restaurant inspections, news, classified listings, etc.  It’s all based on neighborhood or zip code so you really know what’s going on in your specific neighborhood.  All of the news is listed as it is gathered by day.  […]

Technorati relaunched yesterday with a new look and a search and discovery tool called “The Technorati Percolator” .  The purpose of The Percolator is to bring you the most significant posts from blogs and main stream media.  The more popular posts rise to the top in The Percolator, making them easier for you to find.  […]