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I was visiting this morning and saw mention of a bookmarking service called Speedtile. This handy little tool makes browsing through your bookmarks very easy on the eyes.  I admit it, I’m a lazy bookmarker.  My bookmark folder is a mess and half the time I don’t give my bookmarks intuitive names so they […]

There are many to-do list applications out there but some of them have so many features that just setting up a simple list takes too much time.  For those of you who just want to type out a list and go on with your day, these two applications may be just what you’re looking for: […]

I remember first trying out PocketMod a little less than two years ago (just about when I got into this business) and I thought it was pretty nifty, but for some reason I completely lost track of it.  Thankfully this article slapped me back in time and brought me back to a newer version of […]

If you’ve ever spent any time reading tab (tablature) online, then you must know how completely annoying most of the available tab sites can be.  Huge ads, pop-ups, user comments all over the place – it’s just a mess.  I can speak from experience because I used to spend hours online reading tab and playing […]

PlanJam is a service that wants to help you plan the ultimate date or outing with your friends.  You begin by entering in the zip code or city you want to go out in and then choose what type of activity you’d like to participate it – romantic, girls just want to have fun, guys […]

Mobile O/X allows you to create your own personalized domain where you can add all of your favorite websites that can be accessed all in one place from any computer.  The sign up process is very quick and a bit different.  It requires you to just enter in your cell phone number and then you’ll […]

Remember The Milk, a task management and organization tool, is now available to use in Gmail.  First, you need to install it and then your Gmail account will have a “tasks pane” on the right hand side, next to your inbox.  You can add tasks right in Gmail and  and even add emails and Gmail […]

Many people make a New Years resolution to “finally get organized!”. Well, since it is 2008, I’ll assume a lot of that talk being thrown around is about organizing your online life as well as your physical one. What better way to start then to clean up your email. Seriously, mine is a mess. It […]

Pingg is a new digital invitation service that allows you to create stylish and professional looking invitations and manage your event with ease. First of all, pingg invitations are grown up looking. Even the kids invitations look professional. There are no banner ads and no clip art or cheesy designs. You can use what they […]