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HotPrints gives its users an easy and inexpensive way to create photo books from your Facebook or Bebo pictures.  And now the company is offering you one free HotBook per month. The free books are ad-supported, but the ads will be inserts that you can remove — they wont be printed next to your photos.  […]

A lot of my friends from high school, and even earlier, have found me on Facebook.  It’s a great way to see what each other has been up to and possibly even begin a new friendship, as adults.  With the good, there is also the bad.  Some of these friends don’t understand (or maybe don’t […]

If you belong to multiple social networking sites where you’re constantly adding photos and video, then Pixelpipe may just make your life a little bit easier.  Pixelpipe is a service that allows you to easily upload media to various services across the Web, from one location. After you sign up for Pixelpipe, you’ll need to […]

Have you ever wanted to add a nice reflection to your photo but thought that it would be impossible to do without photoshop? The thing is, you don’t really need photoshop to do basic editing because of all of the new web based applications. You can edit and add effects to your photos today with […]

Friday has arrived, and not a moment too soon. I don’t want to bore you with complicated applications that will help you work better – I want to show you some tools that require very little brain function that you can use over the weekend. In this quickcast, I’ll show you 4 applications that do […]

FaceRoller not only wants you to tell everyone, “what are you doing” but also to show them what you’re doing.  That’s right, it’s like Twitter, but better, but not really.  Let me explain:  With FaceRoller, you simply snap a photo with your webcam, add an update (what are you doing) and your photo will automatically […]

Animoto is a service that helps you create amazing videos out of your photos with very little effort.  There are just a couple of steps involved because Animoto handles the creative side, resulting in really cool videos.  All you need to do is upload photos from your computer or grab them from one of the […]