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I have a problem.  I’m addicted to real estate sites.  I’m constantly checking on what my home value is or searching to see if anyone has bought the house across the street.  If you are actually looking to buy a house or sell your house, though, Dwellicious may be a good tool for you. Dwellicious  […]

YourStreet is a great resource for real estate buyers, sellers, and renters. There are neighborhood guides for major cities which are created and edited by the YourStreet community. Users also vote on the real estate market for their neighborhood and can leave opinions to back up their vote. There are forums for each neighborhood which […]

Zillow is an online real estate guide that provides both buyers and sellers with more then just a bunch of listings. They just launched a new feature called Home Q&A which allows potential buyers to ask questions about a particular property and hopefully get a response from someone in the neighborhood. This is awesome. You […]