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MobileRSS syncs with your Google Reader so you can keep up with all of your favorite blogs and websites at all times.  There’s a free version and a pro for $2.99 (iTunes links) which I’ll show you in the screencast. After you install it and sign in with your Google account it will automatically sync […]

Readtwit allows you to turn your Twitter stream into an RSS feed.  It  removes shortened URLs and allows you to read the actual content right in your favorite feed reader. First you need to connect Readtwit to your Twitter account and then you can easily subscribe to the RSS feed it creates.  You can also […]

ReminderFeed is a simple tool that allows you to send reminders right to your feed reader.  It’s free to use and is pretty much hassle free — meaning you don’t need to create an account to use it.  Just type in what you need to be reminded of, and subscribe to the feed. Just give […]

If you use an RSS reader and you’re a fan of Adobe Air Applications, then you may want to check out Apprise.  With Apprise, you can read story summaries, read the full story on the webpage itself, and share stories with friends via AIM and Twitter. After you install the application, you can add your […]

ReadAir is an application built on Adobe Air that brings your Google Reader to your desktop. First of all, it doesn’t resemble Google Reader in any way, aesthetically speaking. It has a lot of the same features that Google Reader has, but in a much sleeker interface. You can log in right away with your […]

Update Scanner is a Firefox Extension that will alert you whenever a Website has been updated.  It installs an arrow icon in the lower right hand corner of your browser window.  When a site you’ve added to Update Scanner has changes, it will turn purple and you’ll see a small toaster notification.  You can add […]

RSS is something that most people hear or see on a daily basis. Everyone should know what RSS is and how it can help you to aggregate all of the content you find on the Websites you visit every day into one place. (Yes, Mom, I’m talking to you.) RSS means Really Simple Syndication. That […]

Spokeo is a “friend tracker” that keeps you updated about all of your friends activities across the different social networks they belong to. It may even show you sites you didn’t know your friends participated in. You can sign up using your AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! credentials and Spokeo will immediately search the Web […]