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Have you been wondering where I’ve been?  I stumbled upon ZooLoo last week and I couldn’t seem to find my way out.  Not really… but I couldn’t seem to get a screencast to come in under seven minutes.  I’ve been tinkering a bit and I got the demo down to a reasonable level.  What is […]

I generally use TweetDeck as my Twitter client, but I’ve also tried out a few others, including the Flock browser. There are a lot of offerings out there and one that is new to me is TwitHive. The thing I like about TwitHive is that there is nothing to install.  TwitHive uses OAuth so you […]

I’m fairly new here at  I have been working for our company for almost 15 years handling various tasks from tech support to billing issues.  I don’t get out much to surf the net and test out the latest and greatest tools and applications because I’m busy with my regular duties here at Centercloud.  […]

We here at DemoGirl found something fun for your St. Patty’s Day — WeFollow.  WeFollow is a twitter directory that makes it easy to find the top twitter users for popular (and even not so popular) twitter tags. The site is easy to navigate and fairly straightforward.  The Homepage lists some of the top twitter […]

If you’re a social networking addict and love to spy on see what sites your friends are hanging out on and what sites they’re bookmarking, then SocialU is an Adobe Air Application that you’ll probably dig.  I didn’t know what else to think when I first installed SocialU other than, “omg, it’s seriously a browser […]

When I was in my early twenties, I did a lot of random traveling/moving with a good friend of mine.  First it was Mammoth Lakes, CA, from there it was Maui, then Massachusetts, and so on.  Each time we moved to one of these places, we had no place to live and stayed in hotels […]

Delicious recently relaunched with not only a much needed visual overhaul, but also adding some features that have been missing for far too long. First of all, I have to be truthful – I was never a big delicious user to begin with.  I couldn’t get past the way it looked and not really being […]

TweetParty allows you to create groups out of your Twitter friends which you can then send direct messages to on Twitter. You need to create a separate account on TweetParty first and then enter in your Twitter credentials.  The first time you log into TweetParty it will download all of your Twitter friends, so if […]

Mixin is a lifestreaming service that allows you to post activities that you’re participating in and allows your friends to join in on the fun.  Think of it as Twitter, but different because it wants you and your friends to get out and do something together. After you sign up for Mixin you can create […]

The new Facebook profiles are now ready for you to customize, tweak, and bitch about.  There’s just one thing you should know first – it’s just a test page, a lot of it doesn’t work, and nothing you do there will actually affect your live Facebook profile.  It should, hopefully, prepare you for an unavoidable […]