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TweetParty allows you to create groups out of your Twitter friends which you can then send direct messages to on Twitter. You need to create a separate account on TweetParty first and then enter in your Twitter credentials.  The first time you log into TweetParty it will download all of your Twitter friends, so if […]

Mixin is a lifestreaming service that allows you to post activities that you’re participating in and allows your friends to join in on the fun.  Think of it as Twitter, but different because it wants you and your friends to get out and do something together. After you sign up for Mixin you can create […]

The new Facebook profiles are now ready for you to customize, tweak, and bitch about.  There’s just one thing you should know first – it’s just a test page, a lot of it doesn’t work, and nothing you do there will actually affect your live Facebook profile.  It should, hopefully, prepare you for an unavoidable […]

I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks Twitter has been receiving a lot of attention.  Seriously, it’s being talked about at dinner parties, at happy hour, and all over the Internet.  It could be that my friends and I just don’t have anything better to talk about or it could be that Twitter is […]

FaceRoller not only wants you to tell everyone, “what are you doing” but also to show them what you’re doing.  That’s right, it’s like Twitter, but better, but not really.  Let me explain:  With FaceRoller, you simply snap a photo with your webcam, add an update (what are you doing) and your photo will automatically […]

Veeple allows you to add speech bubbles, text boxes, and links to various web pages to your videos.  These additions are called VeeSpots and they are basically recorded on top of your video.  There are different types of VeeSpots – A MySpace profile link, a web page link, an eBay auction link, and a Facebook […]

Mixwit allows you to create a playlist of your favorite music and display it like an old skool mixtape.  It’s a bit like previously mentioned, Mixaloo, except this service is completely free.  You can do a music search right from the site and then fully customize the way your tape looks.  They have some retro […]