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I was reading MakeUseOf today and a word in one of their titles caught my eye.  The word was list — I saw that word and, of course, I clicked through to check out list-creating Web site itumz. Itumz is a web-based tool that lets you quickly create lists and then share them with others […]

I was browsing KillerStartups and they mentioned a URL shortener called  Yes, there are plenty of URL shorteners out there, but what I like about this one is the bookmarklet that allows you to shorten the URL of a page you are one without leaving it. Just drag the bookmarklet link up to your […]

Yes, the economy is bad and most people are cutting back quite a bit these days, but sometimes you just have to give in and buy a new pair of socks or pick something up for your Mom for Mother’s Day. CouponTweet is a cool site that might help you save a few bucks when […]

Wakerupper is a free wake-up call service that also doubles as a reminder service. You can try it out from the homepage without signing up for anything by entering in your call details. If you sign up for an account you can add multiple phones to receive calls on, keep track of your calls, and […]

Taboo is a Firefox Extension that allows you to easily save a tab you want to return to later. Taboo not only saves the tab but it also saves it exactly as you were viewing it. For example, if you were in the middle of reading a long blog post and needed to close the […]

Stylish is a Firefox Extension that allows you to easily edit the way a website looks.  After you install it you can browse through styles that have already been created for popular sites like Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia.  Once you find a style that you like you just need to load it into Stylish and […]

Twiddla is a tool that allows you to mark up Web pages, images, or start fresh on a blank canvas. They provide you with the basic tools you’ll need like shapes, clip art, and a drawing tool but you can also upload your own media. You can visit Web pages from within Twiddla and mark […]