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Stupeflix is a fun site that helps you  create movies out of your images and video. All you need to do is add your media and Stupeflix does most of the “editing” for you.  You can add text and music to your movie and download it when you’re done.  The entire process should only take […]

Clicker helps you find and save video that’s available to watch online, from sources all over the Web.  It’s in private beta now but I received an invite and thought I’d show you around. After you sign in you can immediately start searching for your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and Web originals to save […]

Magma gives you a way to discover, collect, share, and comment on videos from all across the Web.  It’s in private beta as of now, but I got an invite and took it for a spin this morning.  So far, I really like what I see. When you first log into your account, you’ll see […]

Embedr is a service that allows you to create and share playlists full of your favorite videos from different hosting sites on the Web.  Love videos of funny office pranks?  You can create a playlist for that.  How about clips from (one of my favorites) 30 Rock?  You can build a playlist for that.  With […]

As you may know, I use a lot of video in my blog posts. Well, up until now I’ve been using Viddler to display the videos and also linking to a video hosted on our server. Today I upgraded my space and will be using their player to show off my screencasts. I think […]

If you belong to multiple social networking sites where you’re constantly adding photos and video, then Pixelpipe may just make your life a little bit easier.  Pixelpipe is a service that allows you to easily upload media to various services across the Web, from one location. After you sign up for Pixelpipe, you’ll need to […]

12seconds is a video lifestreaming service that allows you to post your updates in video form.  The only catch is that your video can be no longer, or shorter, than 12 seconds. When I first heard about 12seconds my initial thought was, “oh boy, another way to post your updates”.  But after trying it out […]