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Walabok allows you to receive video or audio messages from your blog readers or email recipients.  All you really need to do is add a Walabok button to your website or insert it into your email signature.  There is no sign up either – just enter in your email address and Walabok will send you […]

CamTwist is an application that allows you to add special effects to webcam video.  It works with services such as,,, and Skype and adds effects like bubbles, flames, earthquake, and bullet holes (sweet!).  It requires OS X 10.4 and is completely free to use. I don’t own a Mac, but thankfully I […]

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the wonderful sites I screencast for DemoGirl have so many features that my brain gets overloaded and I miss some really good stuff. That’s the case with Eyejot. At first glance, it seems that Eyejot is just a video email service. Not true at all, my friends. Eyejot has some really […]

Eyejot allows you to quickly send your friends video emails using your webcam. After you sign up for an account, all you need to do is click on record and create your message. Then just select the people that you want to receive your message and click on send. It’s that simple. Recipients will receive […]

Seesmic is a service that allows you to quickly create videos with your webcam and then allows other members of the Seesmic community to reply to them almost instantly. Yes, it’s like video Twitter – but not really. Twitter was made so you could let your friends know what you were up to. I suppose […]