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Icebrrg and WuFoo are both tools that help you make forms and surveys. They’re very similar and someone even commented on Screeniac about how icebrrg is a WuFoo ripoff. Well, it may be a ripoff, but they have a demo showing how to use their service and WuFoo doesn’t. So there. Icebrrg Demo Here are […]

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Tag2find, a service that “helps you find everything on your desktop by simply using tags” was lucky enough to be profiled on Techcrunch.  The problem I found was that when I clicked on the link to the video in the post, it brought me here.  They have four much more informative and easier to view […]

Grouptivity, a service that helps you “connect, discuss, and organize with your groups”, has a video demo that is clean and informative but could definitely go unnoticed.  Click on the little green button on the bottom right of your screen to view it.  There’s no need to turn up your speakers as there’s no audio.  […]

CozmoTV, a site that helps you find videos based on your interests, has an interesting group of video demos on their homepage. It’s almost like there’s someone in your monitor pointing to the various key features of CozmoTV. I did a demo as well that is different and hopefully useful in a different sort of […]

Campfire, “a web-based group chat tool”, has a really smooth and easy to follow demo.  The video is about 5 minutes long but they also have some screenshots up if you just want a quick overview. Campfire Demo 

Easysite, “the easy way to make a website”, has a video demo that starts right when you get to their homepage.  It’s set up nicely but sort of reminds me of an infomercial. easysite Demo

AllPeers, a service that allows you to “share the web” with friends and family, snagged my boyfriend as a user today. Normally when I talk about some service that I think he’d like he yawns. It just so happens that this morning when I was watching their demo video he was standing right behind me […]

Fliptrack, a service that “makes it easy for you to create music videos by combining your photos with their library of popular music”, has a quick and informative demo on their homepage. Am I blind as a bat or was it really hard to see anything other than the text bubbles? fliptrack Demo

I don’t know if this really counts as a demo video but this guy, Andy Gutmans, does a pretty good job explaining what web 2.0 is.  So, if all your friends are talking about blogging, or mash-ups, or Ajax and you’re to embarrassed to ask them what language their speaking, check out this video. Web […]