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1. No more coffee. (Yes, I’m drinking a cup as I write this.) Now, I’m not saying that I want to give up all caffeine, because I love tea and tea doesn’t give me the crack-head side affects that coffee seems too.  Normally, I’m a 2 cup per day, but sometimes 3 or 4, kinda […]

My good friends Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent were kind enough to have me as their guest on their very special, second episode of This Week in Fun (TWiF).  If you’re unfamiliar with TWiF, I urge you to check out the first show here. Basically, TWiF was a substitute for TWiT, the outrageously popular show […]

Juice is a Firefox Extension that delivers relevant videos, photos, and news right to your sidebar.  Juice also allows you to store videos and photos in your sidebar to view later. After you install Juice, just highlight any bit of text that you want to find more content on and drag it and drop it […]

Notify.Me allows you to receive updates from your favorite blogs or websites via IM, SMS, email, or with their new desktop application which runs on Adobe Air. After you sign up you can submit your mobile phone information so you can receive updates via SMS.  You can also add your account info for Pidgin, Adium, […]

Telonu is a service that allows you to post “tells” or reviews about a company you currently work for, previously worked for, or wished you worked for.  Not only that, you can also ask questions like, “When’s the last time you got a raise?”, or, “Are we allowed to wear jeans to work?”.  Telonu also […]

I’m off on my first vacation in who knows how long, and I’m not bringing Internet with me.  No Internet, no PC, no cell phone.  Actually, I don’t think my cell phone would work anyway.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be here: There’s also a chance I’ll have been eaten by him: If […]

Mr. Tweet is a service that wants to help you create more meaningful and effective relationships on Twitter.  It calls itself “your personal twitter assistant” and after using it briefly, I completely agree. First, you need to follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter.  Then you need to be patient, and wait.  You’re waiting to receive a […]