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In this QuickCast special, I’ll show you some sites that can help you get around town, monitor your drinking habits, and make you look good at the same time. Taxime is a free service that will give you an estimate of what it will cost for you to get from point A to point B.  […]

OtherInbox is an email service that wants to give you control over emails that come from services you sign up for and other various accounts you may have online. At first, I didn’t understand why a service like this would be useful.  Why not just create a new hotmail or Gmail account for singing up […]

As the name states, PrintWhatYouLike is a handy little tool that allows you to edit any Webpage to only print what you like.  It’s really easy to use:  Either enter in the URL of the Webpage you want to print or use the bookmarklet.  This will open up the site in the PrintWhatYouLike editor.  Then […]

BudURL is a URL shrinker that not only makes long URLs shorter, but also provides you with stats and an account so you can keep track of clicks. After you create an account, you can use the bookmarklet to shrink URLs on the fly.  Actually, you don’t need to create an account, but the best […]

If you ever had the horrifying experience pleasure of going away to camp as a child then you may recall your Mother sewing labels inside all of your undergarments so that they wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands.  Well, even though it may have been embarrassing at the time, she may have been onto […]

If you create screencasts and are interested in drawing a bit more attention to yourself, then you may want to submit a few screencast tutorials to the Help Center on YouTube. YouTube is asking its users to submit help videos, for various topics, and in return will embed the best ones in the Help Center.  […]

Yammer gives companies and organizations their very own space where they can communicate with each other about what they’re currently working on.  Think Twitter for business, but with better functionality.  Each Yammer account is connected to your company email address so only people with a valid company email address can join. After you sign up, […]

The other day a friend of mine suddenly freaked out when he saw a long list of bookmarks drop down every time he started typing a URL into the address bar in Firefox.  I couldn’t understand the confusion because I thought everyone knew about “The Awesome Bar” in Firefox 3 and how to disable it.  […]

Chrome is a Web browser that was launched by Google earlier today.  I’ve spent all afternoon testing it out and learning about all of the features, only to stumble upon something new just when I think I’ve got it all down.  I tried to keep this screencast short, but there is a lot to show […]